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We are either growing or regressing, there is no constant in life.

Start overcoming your challenges and move closer to achieving your goals with support from TownsendNOW. You can instantly access world-renowned psychologist and NY Times best-selling author Dr. John Townsend and his network of Certified Coaches with our platform!

Our easy-to-use platform puts the practical coaching and advice you’ve been searching for to help navigate your personal, parenting and professional relationships right at your fingertips. It brings together more than 30 years of Dr. Townsend’s personal experience working with individuals, families, and organizations, including top CEOs from around the world.

TownsendNOW members can take advantage of his extensive knowledge base and access his proven teachings online for the first time! Our coaching video library has been carefully crafted with you in mind, taking a deep dive into a variety of topics likely impacting your life.

With TownsendNOW, you don’t have to drive to an office or block off an hour of time - members can access TownsendNOW anywhere and anytime. It’s guidance and accountability on-demand!

You are just a few clicks away from enjoying healthier relationships, becoming a better leader, and navigating the challenges that life throws your way!

TownsendNOW Certified Coaches

The TownsendNOW Executive Coaching Certificate Program provides engaging and intentional coursework to grow your skill-set. Guided by Dr. John Townsend, Leadership Institute Fellows, and our hand-picked faculty, you will learn how to partner with clients in a thought-provoking, creative, and collaborative process to inspire their personal and professional potential.

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John’s intellect and warmth will keep you engaged, but more importantly, he and his team will leave you equipped.
– Gary Daichendt, former COO, Cisco Systems
You will be challenged to become a more complete person and organization with John and his team, who see  and then help you and your company  reach their potential.
– Greg Campbell, former owner, Coldwell Banker Real Estate
John and his team bring practical and effective solutions to business and leadership challenges of all types.
– Greg Brenneman, former CEO, Continental Airlines, Burger King and Quiznos

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