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TownsendNOW RolePLAY Coaching offers guidance from a trained professional to help you tackle crucial conversations with bosses, family members, employees, children, spouses, and friends.

Each 15-minute RolePLAY session includes:

  • Discussing conversation logistics 
  • RolePLAY of the situation with your Certified Coach
  • Assessing possible outcomes
  • Seeking possible resolutions

Through conducting RolePLAY sessions, Dr. Townsend has found transformational results in helping others navigate and engage in better conversations.

One-on-One with a

RolePLAY Coach

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You will receive a different email in the next 24 hours with login credentials to the TownsendNOW RolePLAY Coach Certification Course. After completing the course, you will complete a 10 question test to complete your RolePLAY Coach Certification.

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